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    on orders of $50 & more!

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About HerSweetBaby
Nature itself is the best physician.
~ Hippocrates
This excellent quote encapsulates our philosophy at HerSweetBaby.  We believe that every small detail counts, when it comes to a baby's growth, development and well-being.  The quality of ingredients in a product makes a world of difference:  if a product contains harmful chemicals, they can be absorbed right into the bloodstream of human body without mercy, and our children's developing bodies are most susceptible to the toxins found in everyday products.   
Our job at HerSweetBaby is to responsibly select high-quality products that meet or exceed our criteria for healthy,  natural, non-toxic, organic products , and bring these products to you at reasonable prices. 
We are a small business constantly working hard to improve our services, and please our customers.  We sincerely thank you for stopping by,  and we hope your experience with us is a good one.
Your HerSweetBaby Team  

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